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 Checklist for Winter Weather and Frozen PipesTo minimize the potential for frozen pipes, take note of the suggestions below. 
Before Winter:If your pipes freeze:To prevent Ice Dams:

Disconnect and drain outdoor

faucets, and shut them off inside.

Patch cracks and holes near pipes.

When temperatures approach zero,

wind through a small opening can

freeze nearby pipes, even though

the room temperature is 70


Insulate pipes in unheated areas

such as crawl spaces and garages.

Check insulation! Wet insulation

freezes fast, making it worse than

no insulation at all.

Make sure heat can circulate

around pipes. Plumbing in an

enclosed area such as a closet will


Pay attention to basement piping.

Older furnaces lose enough heat to

warm basements. Newer energy

efficient models do not. Consider

UL approved heat tape.

Find and tag your inside water

shut-off valve, and make sure it

works BEFORE an emergency

arises. This will limit water

damage should inside pipes burst.


Don’t use an open

flame for thawing.

You risk overheating

a pipe and causing it

to burst, or setting the

house on fire.

Use a hair dryer at a

low setting and wave

the heat along the


Use caution. The

pipe may already be

broken, and water

may pour out when

the pipe thaws.

 Don't heat the roof, keep it cold. That way, the snow on the roof eventually dissipates without making large amounts of meltwater. The underside of the roof deck should not exceed 30 F. The best way to maintain low temperatures is by ensuring that there is adequate insulation and sealing gaps that let warm air pass into the attic from the house. The attic must also be ventilated, so that cold air is introduced into it and heated air escapes rapidly. Some homeowners are under the impression that heat passing through the attic helps prevent ice dams, when just the opposite is true. Although excess heat moving from the attic through the roof rapidly melts snow, once the meltwater touches the cold eaves, it quickly freezes and forms an ice dam.

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