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Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning

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"Making Indoor Air Healthier"

Did you know?
1/4” lint build-up reduces air flow 24%
1/2” lint build-up reduces air flow 42%

Breathe Clean Air & Save Energy Costs

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Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning
  • Breathe clean air - Save energy costs
  • Removes years of dust & contaminants
  • Truck powered vacuum system
  • Complete assortment of air whips & brushes to thoroughly clean all duct systems
Dust and contaminants are circulated throughout your system. They build up in the cold air return ducts, return air compartment, blower fan and filter system. When the fan is off dust mites and other organisms thrive. When the fan is on, dust and contaminants are circulated throughout your home or office.

We use a state-of-the-art Vac & filter duct cleaning truck.. Using a combination of vacuum, brushes, agitation and forced air, your system is safely and thoroughly cleaned. Years of debris, contaminates and build-up are removed. Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings Trap Bad Air Inside. Since the energy crisis of the 1970's, the American Public has made a conscious effort to save energy. They typical building in the U.S. and particularly Michigan is tighter and more energy-efficient than ever before. However, the steps taken to save energy can have a negative effect on your health. Energy-efficient measures such as caulking, weather-stripping and adding insulation trap bad air inside. Indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than outdoor air. Outdoor air dilutes pollutants while indoor pollutants tend to intensify. This problem can adversely effect the buildings occupants and is referred to as the "Sick Building Syndrome."

Symptoms of "Sick Buildings":
1. Eye, nose and throat irritation
2. Headache, Sinusitis, Sinus Infection and Bronchitis
3. Fatigue, Irritability
4. Reduced Concentration
5. Asthma
6. Dry Skin and Dermatitis
7. Legionaires' Disease

Dirt build-up lowers your system's efficiency. The dust and dirt found in your ductwork is made up of a number of things. It may contain dust, human and animal hair, human and animal skin, loose textile fibers, or decaying organic matter.

Some Indoor Pollutants That Can Be Found In Your Home and Office:
  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • Decaying organic matter
  • Human and animal skin
  • Human and animal hair
  • Loose textile fibers
Central Heating and Air Conditioning are Major Sources of Contamination. Dust and contaminants are circulated throughout your system. They build up in the cold air return ducts, return air compartment, blower fan and filter system. Most homes utilize standard Fiberglas filters which trap only 20% of dust and particulate pollutants, allowing 80% to pass through. Electrostatic filters capture up to 95% of all dust and pollutants. When the fan is off dust mites and other organisms thrive. When the fan is on, dust and contaminants are circulated throughout your home or office.

About the process:
Our specially designed high-powered vacuum truck creates a vacuum of up to 8000 C.F.M., which hooks directly into your furnace and ductwork. Using this along with our furnace cleaning attachments, we are able to remove years of build-up in your heating and air conditioning system. This not only makes your home or office a cleaner and healthier environment, but also can help cut your heating and cooling bills.

It is necessary to remove as much particulate residue as possible.
1. The procedure begins with a complete thorough inspection to determine the level of contamination.
2. Care is taken to protect your home and furnishings.
3. Our Environmental Vacuum truck is then attached to your ductwork.
4. A powerful stream of air is introduced into your ductwork through each vent. Dust, dirt and loose particulate are vacuumed into the vacuum truck. Specially designed brushes are also used for debris removal.
5. The registers and grillwork are removed and cleaned.
6. The ductwork to each vent is cleaned. (without disassembly)
7. Your registers and grills are reattached.
8. The return air compartment and fan are cleaned.
9. Access panels are replaced and the system's operation is checked.

Optional Services:
  • Cleaning of Electronic Air Filters
  • Chimney Cleaning, Brush and Vacuum
  • Sales of Electrostatic Air Filters
  • Carpet Cleaning for Additional Dust and Dirt Removal
Further Suggestions to Control Indoor Air Pollution:
1. Install Electrostatic air filter.
    -Add to current system with NO special installation.
    -Replaces current throw-away filter.
    -Removes 95% of dusts, pollens, mold spores and animal dander as air circulates through your central system.
    -Does not produce harmful ozone.
2. Use room size purifiers. (Ask your Brad's service rep. for more information.)
3. Clean carpets, drapes and furnishings regularly.
4. Ventilate your home and office regularly.

This service can be helpful in:
1. Saving energy and reducing heating and cooling costs.
2. Cutting housekeeping time due to excess dust.
3. Reducing musty smells and other odors.
4. Relieving or reducing allergy symptoms due to dust, mold and mildew.

Imagine the difference cleaner air can make to your health and comfort!

Dust is Dangerous!!! Dust is everywhere. It accumulates on the walls and ceilings, on your bedding, furnishings, window treatments, in your heating and cooling system, but typically most of it collects on horizontal surfaces such as floors and carpets. Dust is dangerous! It is a scientific fact that dust causes or aggravates many illnesses.

Asthmatics make one million hospital visits per year. One-half million hospital visits are attributed to dust mites, legionella, etc.

"The average person's respiratory system has to eliminate, every day, over two heaping tablespoons of particulate matter…" Respiratory Care, March/April 1973

"The average six room house or dwelling collects 40 pounds of dust each year." Discover Magazine

"The evidence that excessive dustiness of any kind is harmful is beyond argument." Professor Phillip Drinker, Harvard School of Public Health

"Many viruses and bacteria use dust particles as rafts to ride the air." Science Illustrated

Based upon the scientific, medical, and engineering literature available to date, ASHRAE concludes the following:
"Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigerating systems and their specific components can amplify and disseminate aerosols of a wide variety of airborne contaminants including Legionella bacteria, the agents causing legionellosis (legionaires' disease and Pontiac fever)."

ASHRAE paper on legionaires' disease:
ASHRAE recommends "initiate a fastidious maintenance program for HVAC system air handling units and fan coil units" ASHRAE-American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

"Suspended fungal spores may be conveyed by air currents to distant sites and then concentrated by air-handling systems that lack adequate filtration." From a scientific paper by the Infection Control Department, University of Minnesota Hospitals.

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