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Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

A home might suffer water damage from a flood, a plumbing leak, or putting out a fire. This damage can lead to structural problems which compromise your house’s integrity or mold growth which poses health risks to your family. It may not always be obvious when water damage has occurred, especially to those unfamiliar with its warning signs. Read on to learn some tips for identifying early signals of water damage and preventing major trouble.

Odors: Damp areas will develop a smell over time. A musty odor is hard to miss and a surefire indicator of moisture in the home. You will know it when you smell it.

Discoloration: Water will often leave a stain on a wall or ceiling. The discoloration does not appear until after the water has dried, however, so the origin may be difficult to trace due to this time delay.

Peeling Paint: Moisture can cause drywall to swell, which will then push against the paint coating it, forcing it to crack or peel. This will occur when the water source cannot dry and likely points to a consistent leak.

Sounds of Running Water: Listen for changes in your home’s usual sounds, such as dripping that you can’t seem to locate or a floorboard that has suddenly started creaking.

High Water Bill: When this expense seems atypically high for reasons you cannot explain, your house may be hemorrhaging water from a leak in the plumbing system. If enough water has been wasted to register on your utility bill, you should expect it to cause damage.

The earlier you are able to recognize and react to water damage, the less intensive the restoration process will need to be. For quality water damage restoration services in Belding, Greenville, and Rockford, MI area, contact the team at Brad’s Cleaners today!


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