Proudly Serving Rockford, MI

The city of Rockford is located about 15 miles north of Grand Rapids on the west side of the state of Michigan. Rockford offers everything you need to make your day fun and complete with its unique shops and dining, to a variety of outdoor recreation. The downtown area will help you step back in time with quaint shops with unique finds including boutiques, candy stores, toy stores, and more. Rockford boasts a variety of restaurants, each with its own unique menus.

The big attraction in Rockford is the Rogue River. Here, residents and visitors can be found kayaking, canoeing, and tubing down the waters. Fishing is also very popular in Rockford and you'll find fishermen trying to catch some fish all year round. Rockford also has a variety of biking and hiking trails to make your adventure complete.

The city is home to around 6,300 residents. If you are living in the Rockford area and have had water damage in your home or business, rely on the team at Brad's Cleaners.

Offering Quality Water Damage Restoration Services

 When water has made its way into your Rockford, MI home or business, look no further than Brad's Cleaners. Our team will come out and walk you through the process. We can help extract water from your carpeting and on your flooring to help get these areas to dry out. Letting water sit will only cause more damage to your home or office as mold and mildew can start growing, which could lead to health problems. With over 300 pieces of drying equipment, we can help dry, clean, deodorize, and treat any area that has been damaged. For more information or to set up water damage restoration services, call our experienced team today.