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Where It All Started 

  • Furniture Carefully moved and reset on special protector blocks to prevent rust and dye transfers.

  • Dry Vacuuming using our high power truck mounted units to remove dry particulate matter and fiber damaging soils.

  • Pre-treating entire area with a solution to breakdown and suspend soils.

  • Spotting and stain removal to aid in removal of difficult spots and problem areas.

  • High powered, truck mounted extraction units are then used with a special fiber rinse to remove soil and leave your carpets fresh and clean.

  • Carpet fibers are groomed to ensure optimum appearance and drying.

Brad's Cleaners serves Rockford, Belding, Greenville, MI & the Surrounding Area. Call our professional team today for all your carpet cleaning needs!

Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Carpets?

Are you looking to get a clean house and clean carpets?  Whether you own a house, rental property, or a business, having your carpets cleaned is important.  We help ensure that your carpets are being cleaned thoroughly, safely and effectively.  Hiring a professional carpet cleaner comes with many advantages including:

Get the Job Done Right - Professional carpet cleaners can help bring back the life to your carpet, restore it’s beauty, and remove stubborn stains.  Our technicians are certified and trained in cleaning.  We do the job right the first time and stand behind our work.

Experience - When it comes to cleaning carpets, there is more to know than you might think.  There are many different solutions, spotters and treatments our technicians use to ensure the best possible cleaning results.  Our technicians are trained and certified in cleaning and have the knowledge and experience to remove spots and stains and return your carpets and furniture to their best appearance.

Save Time - Professional carpet cleaners can save you time, as services can be conveniently scheduled. Let us do the dirty work!

Comfort – Many odors and germs can hide in carpets and upholstery.  The fresh, clean smell and the refreshed feel of the carpet after Professional cleaning brings back the comfort to your home. Vacuuming regularly will help, but nothing beats investing in professional cleaning.  

Protection – Regular cleaning helps prolong the life of your carpet. Our team can help protect your carpets against stains, spills and wear and tear.  We use special cleaning agents only available in the industry.

Equipment – Professionals have the equipment needed to get the job done right.  No need to visit a local hardware store to rent heavy machines and transport them back home.  A professional with a truck mounted machine will come right to your door and far exceed the results you can get from portable rental units.

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services in the Rockford, Belding, Greenville, and surrounding MI areas, rely on the team at Brad’s Cleaners, Contact us today